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Manessis Travel: New Year’s Eve at the Swiss and French Alps

DEPARTURES: 22 & 24/12
This Christmas tour operator Manessis takes you to Swiss and French Alps and invites you to enjoy New Year's eve at the most cosmopolitan ski resorts.
FROM 1295€

Trip to Vienna’s Christmas Market by Mideast Travel

The offer is valid: 16/11 - 20/12
This winter travel to Austria with Mideast Travel Worldwide and visit Vienna and its spectacular Christmas Market.
FROM 295€

Pilgrimage Tour at Sinai Mount by Mideast Travel

VALID UNTIL 6/12/2016
This winter travel to Egypt with Mideast Travel Worldwide and experience a Pilgrimage Tour at Sinai Mount.
FROM 675€

Travel to the Christmas Market of London with Mideast Travel Worldwide

20 Nov 2016 - 20 Dec 2016
This winter travel to London with Mideast Travel Worldwide and visit the spectacular Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Christmas Market.
FROM 335 €

Yoga Spring Detox Workshop

08 Apr 2016 - 10 Apr 2016
Spring arrives. Let's get out of the lethargy of winter, waking up our bodies and receiving extra energy. It is time for detoxification at all levels!