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Manessis Travel: Trip to Japan’s Sakura

Departures 2017: 20/3, 8/4, 27/4, 18/5
Manessis Travel takes you to Japan's Sakura and the cherry blossoms. Enjoy the unique experience of morning prayer, relax at thermal springs and see the cherry blossoms blooming, which are in the heart of their season in Kyoto.
FROM 2580€

Exotic Experiences and Luxury in Bali by Manessis Travel

Departures: 22/12, 29/12, 15/1, 12/2, 19/3, 9/4
This Christmas spend your holidays in exotic Bali with Manessis Travel! Experience relaxation and luxury in 5-star hotels.
FROM 980€

Manessis Travel: New Year’s Eve at the Swiss and French Alps

DEPARTURES: 22 & 24/12
This Christmas tour operator Manessis takes you to Swiss and French Alps and invites you to enjoy New Year's eve at the most cosmopolitan ski resorts.
FROM 1295€

Magic Christmas in New York by Manessis Travel

Departures: 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 29/12 & 2/1
The countdown for Christmas has begun and tour operator Manessis takes you to New York.
FROM 1280€

Manessis Travel: Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

Departures 2016 – 2017: 16, 28/12 & 11/1 & 22/2 & 15/3 & 12/4
Tour Operator Manessis takes you to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The city of temples meets Apocalypse.
FROM 1690 €

Trip to Vienna’s Christmas Market by Mideast Travel

The offer is valid: 16/11 - 20/12
This winter travel to Austria with Mideast Travel Worldwide and visit Vienna and its spectacular Christmas Market.
FROM 295€

Pilgrimage Tour at Sinai Mount by Mideast Travel

VALID UNTIL 6/12/2016
This winter travel to Egypt with Mideast Travel Worldwide and experience a Pilgrimage Tour at Sinai Mount.
FROM 675€

Travel to the Christmas Market of London with Mideast Travel Worldwide

20 Nov 2016 - 20 Dec 2016
This winter travel to London with Mideast Travel Worldwide and visit the spectacular Hyde Park Winter Wonderland Christmas Market.
FROM 335 €