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Three-day Package with a Cruise at Achilleas Hotel Athens

Spend at least three days in a standard room at Achilleas Hotel Athens and enjoy a one-day cruise around the Saronic Islands.
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Luxury Sail Excursion: Special ‘One-Day Cruise’ Offer to Mykonos

August 2018
Experience a memorable one-day cruise to the “secrets” of Mykonos with Luxury Sail Excursion's special August offer.

Explore the beauty of Mykonos with ‘Mykonos Yachting’

Summer Season 2018
Discover beautiful beaches and isolated isles and enjoy a truly revealing summer experience with the one-day cruise of ‘Mykonos Yachting’.
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Explore the Greek islands with Yachts-Sailing

Summer Season 2018
Take advantage of the special offers of Yachts-Sailing and experience an unforgettable summer cruise around the Greek islands.
From 1900€

Discover the Hidden Beauties of Mykonos with Mykonos Yachting

Summer Season 2018
Experience an irresistible trip to the famous but undiscovered beaches of Mykonos with the Glassbottom Discovery Yacht of Mykonos Yachting.
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Accommodation & Cruise offer from Acropolis Hill in Athens

Plan a minimum stay of three nights at Acropolis Hill Hotel in Athens and enjoy a free one-day cruise to Hydra, Poros and Aegina.
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From 180€/night

Special Accommodation & Cruise Offer at Arion Athens Hotel

Plan a minimum stay of three nights at Arion Athens Hotel and enjoy a free one-day cruise to Hydra, Poros and Aegina.
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‘One-day Island Experience Package’ by Athens Tiare Hotel

For bookings made until 9/30/2018
Explore Aegina, Poros and Hydra islands on a one-day cruise by booking the 'One-day Island Experience Package' of the Athens Tiare Hotel.
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From 192€/person